indoors is the new outdoors

flissade allows the often unused balcony to become a full-value, all-year-round environment.

flissade is a flexible living space – a loggia on sunny days and an indoor space during bad weather. In next to no time, the size of a living space can be transformed by the additional encompassing of the outdoor space using threshold-free sliding elements. Whether for private or commercial spaces, flissade delivers ground-breaking solutions.

“The changeable space will revolutionise housing construction. We offer flissade as a unique building block, simplify complex building tasks and create completely new perspectives for future-oriented living “

puristic design completed by simple handling

flissade is easy to move to the desired position; if the glass elements are ‘parked’ at the side, the living space can also be completely opened. The radius of movement of the elements is minimal - which means that furniture always remains in situ. The integral design means that the narrow, floor-to-ceiling height grip bars are both a general-purpose operating element and a component of the sealing system.

fluid space
one of modernism’s dreams comes true

flissade is a revolutionary living concept which, amazingly simply, creates a completely new feeling of space and significantly contributes to an improvement in the quality of life and living. As well as the increase in valuable floor space, residents also benefit from a bright, light-flooded living space, especially during the cold season.

sunny outlook for energy budgets

when the glazing is in its outer position, flissade substantially optimises the energy balance of a building. In contrast to a conventional loggia, where the warming sunshine only impacts the exterior area and is lost there, flissade increases solar gains in this area by up to 300% during the heating period. The building envelope area is also reduced by up to 70% and heat loss is effectively mitigated. In summer flissade additionally offers the optimum self-shading effects of a loggia.

flissade key facts

  • flissade as a complete building block in a full-service package for maximum design and realisation quality
  • top performance incl. class 4 air permeability, E1200 driving rain permeability, ideal values for use in high-rise buildings
  • fluid transition to living space thanks to barrier-free threshold
  • heating energy savings thanks to improved solar gains of up to 300% and reductions to envelope surfaces of up to 70%
  • approximately 15% more living area due to the convertible space - new solutions for cost-effective and sustainable buildings